About Me

Hello People,

Thank you for taking time going through my website. I wanted to have just a little intro about me. I am Sowpernica - the brains and worker behind Sowpernica's Kitchen. I am a native of Chennai. Having started my kitchen experiments from a very young age my motto has always been to prepare fresh, quick yet tasty meals for my family & friends from which I derive a lot of pleasure. 

From a typical working spinster enjoying life to a homemaker who quit work post wedding & got blessed with a kid, my times were just the usual homemaker times for years. When life took us to Australia (which is my other homeland), life became quiet. Abundance of time and my knowledge of computers put together with my cooking skills made me start my website just to convert all my recipes from my recipe diary (which I had been compiling since year 8 or so) to the form of a blog. So started Sowpernica's Kitchen in 2011. I did have my share doing 8 different things with 8 hands at a time for a few years. My times as a full time working mom juggling work, family, cooking, cleaning, my kid etc made me look for different kinds of shortcuts in cooking with no compromise with the taste & health of recipes. 

I always find happiness in anything I do with in my kitchen, be it a minute made recipe or an elaborate one. I derive a lot of satisfaction when I share whatever I have cooked in my kitchen with a picture and its recipe. I feel I am still a learner and learn a new thing every day with respect to the kitchen and food photography.

I also have my recipe articles published in popular magazines like Aval Kitchen, Mangayar malar, Kungumam Thozhi, Gokulam(English) & The Indian Link (an Australian magazine) etc. 
Nothing is more valuable and day brightening for me than your feedback/suggestions. You could contact me via email at sowpernica@gmail.com. You could also get in touch on Facebook and Twitter

See you again & keep visiting for recipes,