Idli Milagai Podi

The staple accompaniment for idli/dosa.
Mixed with sesame oil & served.

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Greens Podi

A powder made with pudina, curry leaves & corriander leaves, a

n accompaniment for idli/dosas too.

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Sambar Powder

One of the important ingredients in South Indian cooking.

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Rasam Powder

Traditionally ground to make any kind of rasam.

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Special Masala Powder

A handy, multi-purpose powder which could be added almost to anything.
It imparts a different taste & flavour.


Oats Paruppu Podi (Oats Lentil Powder)

Oats Paruppu Podi 
Lentil powder made with oats, to go with your rice & ghee !!!

Curry Leaf Powder

A tasty and nutritious lunch box packing...

Garlic Podi

An accompaniment for idlis/dosas or rice.

Chole Masala Powder

Chole Masala Powder