Tiffin Varieties


A crispy treat for your tongue with all goodness of dals & pepper.

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Innovative Idlis

An attempt to make idlis interesting, these could be served as starters too...

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Aloo Parathas (potato parathas)

Chappathi dough stuffed with mashed potato curry, rolled slightly thick & toasted with a tinge of butter.

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Veggie Noodle Stir Fry
A quick fix dinner or lunch...

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Arisi upma (rice upma)

A rich upma with a combination of rice & dals cooked to perfection.

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Quinoa Dosa Batter (In mixer grinder)

Quinoa Dosa Batter
Dosa batter with the goodness quinoa and urad dal. (NO rice) 

Chickpeas Paratha

Chickpeas Paratha
Soft and tasty

Bread & Channa Upma

An great tasting upma with bread & channa.

Bread Besan Toast

A perfect after school snack for kids & an easy make for moms too.

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Crispy Dosas

A thin & crispy spread of dosa batter.
Could be accompanied with coconut chutney & kothsu.

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Bread Uthappam

Instant Bread Uthappam

Uthappam with a different taste, a great way to use left over bread.

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Crispy Vadai

A crispy, deep fried tasty treat.

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Ragi Roti

Ragi Roti
A filling, healthy millet recipe.

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Dal Parathas

 Parathas stuffed with left over dals/khachori masala.

Home Made Rava Idli

An easy but yet a different make.

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Idli upma

A delicious make using left over idlis & finely cut onions.

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Dal Dosai
Dal Dosai
A crisp dosai made with left over dal which can fill your appetite.

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Instant Dhokla

Instant Dhokla
Fluffy & tangy dhoklas made with left over idli batter.

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Maggi Dosa

An after school meal which kids would never say no to.

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Broccoli Parathas

Broccoli Parathas
A great way to add broccoli to your meals, especially with kids.

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Instant Thayir Vadai

A great way to entertain sudden guests if you have bread, curd & bhoondi handy.

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Homemade Instant Rava Upma Mix

Homemade Instant Rava Upma Mix
A go ahead rava upma mix which can be refrigerated and used for a couple of months...

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Instant Dosa (karacha dosai)

A thin & crispy spread of instantly made batter comprising of a combination of flours.

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Chinese Style Pasta
Tasty & peppery...

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Thayir Aval

Thayir Aval

A combination of flattened rice and yoghurt...

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Spicy Veg Omlette

Spicy Veg Omlette
Made with grated potatoes and besan.

A very popular snack in various parts of northern India.

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Kotthu paratha
Is a delicacy popular in the South Indian state made with crumbled parottas.

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Kuzhi Paniyaram

Yet another form which idli batter could take.

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Kothamalli Kozukattai

A healthy steamed evening snack with minimal oil used.
Could be served with coconut chutney.

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Masala chapatthis

A handy make when you do not have much time to invest in cooking.

Beetroot Paratha

Grated beetroot kneaded with wheat flour and other spices and rolled to parathas.

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A thick spread of dosa batter loaded with onions & carrots.

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Paneer Cheese Rolls

A great tasting, quick make with parottas & left over kadai paneer.

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Pongal (Nil-Oil)

A popular breakfast in southern part of India.
Served with coconut chutney & kothsu.

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Cous-Cous Veg Upma

An easy to make delicious breakfast/dinner recipe.


Pav Bhaaji

A very popular north Indian gravy with loads of veges, usually served with pav (buns)

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Vegetable Khichdy

An anytime quick make but yet a balanced meal.
Served with coconut chutney.

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Idli (steamed rice cake)

Another popular breakfast in most homes of South India.
Served with coconut chutney & kothsu.

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Gobi Parathas

A bread with spicy cauliflower stuffing.
A lip smacking dish, can be served with butter, pickles.

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Potato Chappathis
An apt lunch box make, kids would love it.

Sago Khichdy

A khichdy famous in the northern part of India made of javvarisi aka sabudhana.
A delicious make.

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Methi Parathas

A delicious tasting paratha packed with nutrition.

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Cheese Paniyarams
A simple evening snack made with idli batter & cheese.

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Vegetable Aval upma

A quick tasty make yet nutritious too...

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A healthy, steamed breakfast popular in the southern part of India.

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Oats Idli

An ideal & nutritious breakfast packed with the goodness of oats.

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Cabbage Paratha

Different yet tasty one...

Oats Upma

A healthy way to start your day...

Spicy Indian Style Pasta

A yummy one...

Carrot Parathas

Carrot Parathas

For those Carrot lovers!!!

Sprouts Adai

A healthy addition to traditional adai.

Vermicelli Idli

A different idli...

Javarisi Dosai

Crispy dosas made with sago...

Spinach-Oats Roti
A nutrition packed roti...

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Pepper Aval

A easy, tasty and quick make...

Chappathi Noodles
A great tea time snack made with leftover chappathis...

Chole Bhatura - Made with Self Raising flour...

Chole Bhatura

A crispy fried bread accompanied with chickpeas gravy...

Mini Sambar Idlis

Mini Sambar Idlis

Mini steamed rice cakes soaked in lentil mixture...

Kaima Idly

Kaima Idli

A crispy prep with left over idlis...

Oats Adai

Oats Adai

Lentil crisps with the goodness of oats.

Tri Color Idlis

Tri Color Idlis

An Independence/Republic day special.

Oats-Rasam Kanji (A 2 min prep)

Oats-Rasam Kanji 

Oats Porridge prepared with left over rasam in 2 minutes. A microwave preparation.

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