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Cooking is an art which can be mastered by anyone with genuine interest. Cooking is more than mere measures of teaspoons, tablespoons and cups. In fact, if you ask the older generation to explain cooking they cannot, for them it is an art like free hand sketching and all their measures are in their heads and hands. With cooking what matters most is the state of mind of the person who's cooking. It completely translates as taste to the food. Also cooking cannot be generalized, it is more to do with one's own creativity. The same dish when prepared by two different individuals yields completely different taste and flavor. An old idea is looked at from a new perspective - a new idea is born. My cooking is like that too. A website holding a collection of simple, tasty & healthy recipes cooked with a lot of care and clicked with a lot of passion making its way from my kitchen to yours.

Happy Cooking!!!

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Sowpernica - the cook, founder and food photographer behind Sowpernica's Kitchen.

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