Poricha Kozakkattai


Oil – for deep frying

For Filling:

Coconut – 1 cup (grated)

Jaggery – 1 cup (powdered)

Elaichi powder – ½ teaspoon

For Outer Covering:

Atta – 1 cup

Salt – a pinch


For Outer Covering:

Mix enough water to atta to make dough (like chappathi dough)

Take a big ball and roll out to big chappathi.

If you have small circle mould (I use coffee filter’s lid, you could use any round lid small in size)

Cut out circles within chappathi.

For Filling:

Mix coconut & jaggery in a microsafe bowl.

Micro HIGH for 5 minutes & allow 2 to 3 minutes standing time.

Allow cooling.

Make into small balls.


Keep pooranam ball within small circles and cover ensuring no gaps into shape of kozakkattai.

Heat oil and deep fry kozakkaattai’s.