Innovative Idlis

Makes: 4 of each type

Carrot, Cheese and Masala Idlis:


Idli batter - 12 tablespoons

Sesame oil - 2 teaspoons

For Masala Idlis:

Yield: 4

Left over potato masala or chettinad potatoes or even plain potato curry - 1 small cup

For Cheese Idlis:

Yield: 4

Cheese – ½ cup (grated)

For Carrot Idlis:

Yield: 4

Carrot - 1 small (grated)

salt - a pinch


  1. Mash the pototo curry without lumps.
  2. Miix together grated carrot & salt.
  3. Grease idli plates with a drop of two of sesame oil for each space.
  4. Fill half of idli plate.
  5. Spread the potato masala,grated cheese & grated carrot on half filled idli plates.
  6. Fill with idli batter on top of the spread carrot, masala & cheese.
  7. Steam the idlis in an idli cooker till whistle. (If using pressure cooker allow steaming for 15 minutes in low flame without the weight)
  8. Cut into halves and could be served even as starters.


Cheese idli's - can be served with tomato sauce, kids would love it.

Carrot and Masala Idlis - could be served with mint chutney.