About Me & My Kitchen

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I wanted to have just a little intro about myself. I am Sowpernica - the brains, worker & everything behind Sowpernica's Kitchen. I am a native of Chennai, India. Having started my kitchen experiments from a very young age, my motto has always been to prepare fresh, quick yet tasty meals for my family & friends from which I derive a lot of pleasure.

From a typical working bachelorette enjoying life to a homemaker who quit work post wedding & got blessed with a kid, my times were just the usual homemaker times for years. When life took us to Australia (my other homeland), some spare time along with my cooking & computer skills tempted me to start a blog just to convert all my recipes from my recipe diary (which I had been compiling since my high school days). Tadaa, Sowpernica's Kitchen started in 2011. I did have my fair share of being more than a multitasking mom (that's life abroad) with a full time job, family, cooking, cleaning, taking care of my kid etc. I was time poor & this made me look for different shortcuts in cooking with no compromise on the health & taste of recipes.

Learning is amazing & never ceases, I am a learner who keeps discovering new things with each passing day... as a result of that, my facet as a culinary writer started a few years ago. I have written recipe articles for popular magazines like Aval Kitchen, Mangayar malar, Kungumam Thozhi, Gokulam(English) & The Indian Link (an Australian magazine) etc. I have also been covered by SBS Australia with video recipes. I also have written a cookbook with Vikatan publications.

I delight myself in sharing my cooking & clicks through my social media platforms. You can follow Sowpernica's Kitchen via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can watch my recipe videos & subscribe to my YouTube channel with this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4a40i7DjZuATXtz-K48VeQ. Do remember to hit the bell button to get all my updates :)

Nothing is more valuable and day brightening for me than your feedback/suggestions. You could contact me via email at sowpernica@gmail.com.

See you again & keep visiting us for recipes...!!