Garlic Podi


Garlic – 6 to 8 big cloves

Red chillies – 8

Desiccated coconut – ¾ cup

Roasted peanuts – 1/3 cup

Salt – 1 teaspoon

Oil - 1½ teaspoon (for roasting)


  1. Grind garlic pieces coarsely in mixer grinder.
  2. Roast coarsely ground garlic in a teaspoon of oil until golden brown.
  3. Roast red chillies in a few drops of oil until they start browning (they will fluff up).
  4. Allow both roasted contents to completely cool down to room temperature.
  5. Add the roasted garlic & roasted red chillies to a mixer grinder along with desiccated coconut, roasted peanuts & salt, grind to coarse powder.
  6. Store in an airtight container.
  7. A great accompaniment for idlis/dosas or can be mixed with cooked rice.